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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  September 22, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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welcome. it's "the ed show" actually but i'm standing in for him tonight. breaking news, the federal government is a step closer to shutting down. politicalco is reporting that republicans are going to try and ram their continuing resolution bill through the house. democrats in the senate are saying the bill is dead on arrival. a vote is expected tonight. we're all over it. meanwhile, in cincinnati today, the president was picking a fight with the other big red machine. and his speech had more hits than pete rose. all i can say is, finally! this is "the ed show" and as ed would say, let's get to work. >> there is no reason the stand in the way of more jobs. mr. boehner, mr. mcconnell, help us rebuild this bridge! help us rebuild america. >> the president is turning up the heat on republicans and they can't stand it. tonight, karen bass of the congressional black caucus. and we're going to cincinnati to
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talk to mayor mark mallory. the right wing is flipping over the obama family's jewels. tonight, melissa harris-perry and james peterson on the latest version of obama derangement syndrome. troy davis has been executed. but questions over the death penalty remain. legal scholar michelle alexander will show us the way forward. and tomorrow, the sky is literally following. a big old satellite is headed for earth. we'll give you the forecast from space so you don't get wet. the latest attempt by republicans to portray president obama's jobs plan in a negative light may be a bridge too far. the president took his message to cincinnati, ohio today in the shadow of a crumbling bridge that connects the home states of house speaker john boehner and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> behind us stands the brent spence bridge. located on one of the busiest tracking routes in north america.
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it he's into 150,000 vehicles every single day. and it is in such poor condition, that it has been labeled functionally obsolete. think about that. functionally obsolete. that doesn't sound good, does it? >> more than 26% of the nation's bridges are classified as either functionally obsolete or structurally deficient. part of the president's american jobs act would fund construction projects to fortify bridges across the country. but that didn't stop republicans from calling the president's trip a campaign publicity stunt. a memo from the republican national committee said, quote, obama's stimulus rhetoric fail to span the gap to realityville. speaker boehner dismissed the president's appearance in his own state saying, now is not the time for the president to go into campaign mode. and senator mcconnell went to the senate floor to criticize the president's job plan.
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>> president obama may think the best way to distract people from the challenges we face is to stand near a bridge in a swing state and pit one group of americans against another. and hope his critics look bad if they don't go along with hill. but i don't think he is fooling anybody. >> is it me or do they listen? president obama made it abundantly clear today, bridges like this are not distractions from the challenges we face. they are the challenges we face. you can either remain part of the problem or become part of the solution. >> part of the reason i came here is because mr. boehner and mr. mcconnell, those are the two most powerful republicans in government. they can either kill this jobs bill or they can help pass this jobs bill. and i know these men care about their states. they care about businesses. they care about workers here. i can't imagine that the speaker wants to represent a state where
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nearly one in four bridges are classified as substandard. one in four. i know that when senator mcconnell visited the closed bridge in kentucky, that he said roads and bridges are not partisan in washington. that's great. i know that paul ryan, the republican in charge of the budget process recently said you can't deny that infrastructure does create jobs. that's what he said. well, if that's the case, there's no reason for republicans in congress to stand in the way of more construction projects. there is no reason the stand in the way of more jobs. mr. boehner, mr. mcconnell, help us rebuild this bridge. help us rebuild america. help us put construction workers back to work! pass this bill. >> joining me tonight is the mayor of cincinnati, ohio. mark mallory mr. mayor, good evening. >> hi, how are you doing? >> doing fine, sir.
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thanks for joining us. we heard the republicans suggest that mr. obama was playing politics, that the president is coming down to their terrain to show them up and it is bad form. do you think cincinnati would benefit from the american jobs act in this president obama on to something here? >> well, we obviously would benefit in a number of ways. the president came to cincinnati to highlight the fact that his jobs bill has money in it for critical infrastructure improvements. this bridge is a perfect example. this is ability built in 1963. it was designed to a couldnccom 80,000 cars a day. right now it is accommodating about 170,000 cars a day. it was originally a three-lane bridge. it is now a four-lane bridge. it is beyond its capacity and it will take more money than the cincinnati has. the city of kentucky, the state of kentucky doesn't have. we're going to need federal assistance in order to get this project done. and the president's jobs bill
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provides money for this kind of project. >> do you think the president was, quote, playing politics? some of his allies said, finally, he steps up to the plate. he really knocks it out of the park and he tells these guys, the republicans, look, you've been doing some horrible thing here and i'm not going to take it anymore. i'm going to stand up. unavoidably a big symbol that everything to the state where the place where the bridge joins boehner, if you will. with his republican comrade there. do you think it was playing too much or do you think it really got home to the american people? >> well, i think the point that the person is trying to make, he needs congress to act. the american people need congress to act. if they want to call the effort to put americans back to work and to improve critical infrastructure, to keep police officers and firefighters and teacher on the job, if they want to call that politics, i guess they should. this is a political process. and e needs to be clear. wave president who has acted, who has put out a well designed plan that will get america back
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to work and we have a congress that wants to play politics themselves and not act upon the president's plan. listen, the evidence is clear. people need to go back to work. the numbers are terrible. the president recognizes that. he is not sitting around waiting for an election in order to put forth a plan. he has done that. the republicans need to respond now. and the american people are waiting to see what happens. >> cincinnati has faced the possibility of laying off firefighters and police officers for the past three years. how have you avoided those layoffs? what have you done in cincinnati that could be a model for the rest of the nation? >> we were lucky enough that we had some cash reserves and some one-time money that we were able to use to avoid laying off police officers and firefighters. we haven't had any major cutbacks in service. we have not had any tax increases. we've been lucky in that respect. i think we're out of tricks. i don't think we have that opportunity to do that one more time in this budget crisis. that's why the president's
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american jobs act is so important. because could it get us through this last hurdle that we need to get through before the economy in cincinnati turns around. we are seeing signs of light at the end of the tunnel. we need that one additional opportunity to not lay off police officers and firefighters in order to really get through this process. >> look, like any mayor of any team, what are you hearing from the people in cincinnati about the job act? how are they responding to it? >> people are excited. they're saying that finally, there is something that, one, they can understand. the jobs act is very clear. the buckets of money the president has laid out resonate with people in the community. they are hurting. they know people who are out of work or they're out of work themselves. and obviously, the president is calling on congress, just as in. calling on congress to take action. i mean, the president has laid out a plan that has money in it
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to upgrade schools. has money in to it extend unemployment benefits. has a huge amount of infrastructure improvement money. that of course puts people to work right away. so there are a lot of elements to this that people understand. they know it will work and again. people are scratching their heads as to why congress hasn't acted so far. >> cincinnati mayor, mark mallory, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. we're joined now by congresswoman karen bass of california. a member of the congressional black caucus and a democrat on the house budget committee. good evening, congresswoman. >> good evening. it's good to be with you this evening. >> thank you so much for coming on. have you noticed any positive movement on the jobs bill in the house? >> well, i have to tell you, i haven't. you know, that's why i believe that everybody kneads to begin to put pressure on congress. it is not about the president putting pressure. it is not about members of congress from the democratic side, frankly. we all need to get involved and
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pressure speak eer boehner to p it up for a vote. >> one of the big beefs of the president's allies, he is not out there ahead of the narrative, trying to determine how the story is told. do you think the president can avoid having the narrative of the jobs bill taken away and manipulated as it happened during the health care debate? >> absolutely i think he can. because what he has put before congress is an absolute package that has had a history of bipartisan support if you look at the different sections. and i think the mayor of cincinnati did a great job in describing them. so we need to get busy and we need to say, put the bill up for a vote in its entirety. don't pick and choose. i think the president, going to republican districts like he did today, having the speech before the bridge, is critical. he is out there on the front and i think there's work that all of cuss do to participate in the process. >> a lot of folks jumped the president's bone by saying when you control the house and the senate, you can get stuff passed.
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they were blue dog democrats and other conservative democrats. what do you say about democrats in choong aren't supporting the jobs act? >> well, first of all, it hasn't come before congress yet. let me talk about the last congress. you know that i wasn't there. but we really need to remember the history. because a heck of a lot was done in the 111th congress. you want to talk about jobs. the stimulus package was absolutely jobs. at the time i was serving as speaker in california, if it wasn't for the money from the stimulus, we would have had even deeper cuts in education. we would have had to lay off more firefighters. and then talk about the affordable care act. you know, jobs in the health care industry one of the fastest growing industries. how are we going to provide medical service for 30 million people if it is not jobs. i think we really need to remember what was done in the 111th congress. and i think a great deal got passed when democrats were in control of both houses. >> your california colleague did some tough talking to the
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administration saying, look, we have to focus on african-american communicate. 16.7% unemployment is unacceptable. you hosted a panel yesterday about african-americans in the labor movement. how would that change the lives of middle class workers? >> one of the thing we were talking about in the panel today is that when you attack the public sector, when you attack public employees, where do you think african-americans work? it took civil rights movement to open up the public sector to african-american workers. and we're there. so when you're talking about laying off teachers, laying off firefighters, when you're talking about, you know, reducing postal service and eliminating saturday service, you are talking about laying off african-americans. if you look at the american jobs act, there are specific provisions in that jobs act that will absolutely impact employment in african-american communities. and so the job training, the summer jobs, the construction
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jobs, now once the job bill is passed and signed by the president, i'll be optimistic about that. i know we're all going to make it happen. then it is on us in our communities to demand those jobs come to our neighborhoods. >> sure. a bit of breaking news. you're expected to vote again on the boehner bill to fund the government. what changed in that bill and do you expect to it pass? >> you know what? that's a really good question. the only way it will pass is if the republicans vote. if boehner gets his caucus together, which didn't happen yesterday, then maybe it will pass. we're on call right now waiting to go back for a vote. what independen understand is d they want an additional $100 million in cuts. this is historic. there is no precedent for it. we're talking about disaster funding for the hurricane, for the earthquake. a lot of the damage was actually done in republican districts. and they don't want the funding to take place unless there are
7:14 pm
offset cuts. and that has never happened before. we've always had the values in our country that if there was an emergency, if there was a disaster, we took care of that. we didn't run around and look and say what can we cut before we restore communities. >> we'll see if boehner can herd those cats together of his republican field and see if they can get anything passed. >> that's going to be the determining factor. i don't think there will be many democratic votes. >> thanks so much for your time tonight. unless john boehner and eric cantor can convince enough republicans to vote for another spending bill, the federal government will shut down. another vote is expected tonight. as you heard from representative bass, democrats are holding firm. msnbc's jonathan alter is next with the latest. and troy davis was executed by the state of georgia last month. did he commit the crime he was convicted of? why a rush to judgment may have led to a rush to execution. urans
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do you think he should release the tax returns? >> if he will be the gold standard, let's look at them. >> that was republican senator john cornyn talking about billionaire investor william buffett. he is part of a growing chorus of buffett birthers, demanding to see buffett's tax returns. he has been calling for a tax hike on the mega wealthy. they can afford it. the so-called buffett rule has been a focal point of president obama's new plan to increase revenues by taxing the super rich. that doesn't sit too well with the ultra right wing. >> i would love to see buffett's tax returns so we can see what he is really doing. because he is kind of operating in the dark here making some claims. >> do you think he will release them? >> i don't think so. >> come on. his actual tax return is
7:18 pm
irrelevant to the central point that many wealthy individuals pay a lower overall percentage in taxes than some middle class wage earners. where he publicly releases them or not, his claim has been fact checked as true. coming up, is a government shutdown near? [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years. today i own 165 wendy's restaurants. and i get my financing from ge capital. but i also get stuff that goes way beyond banking. we not only lend people money, we help them save it. [ junior ] ge engineers found ways to cut my energy use. [ cheryl ] more efficient lighting helps junior stay open later... [ junior ] and serve more customers. so you're not just getting financial capital... [ cheryl ] you're also getting human capital. not just money. knowledge. [ junior ] ge capital. they're not just bankers... we're builders. [ junior ] ...and they've helped build my business. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee,
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it's not just good for business -- it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities, so we're helping them with advice from local business experts and extending $18 billion in credit last year. that's how we're helping set opportunity in motion. i'm not going to balance the budget on backs of people that have already been hit by a disaster. >> nancy pelosi has drawn a line in the sand on the heartless demand to only fund disaster relief if it includes massive
7:20 pm
cuts to other program. john boehner failed yet another test of leadership yesterday when 48 republicans joined with the democrats in voting down a spending bill to keep the federal government running through mid-november. the bill must be voted on by september 30th or the federal government will shut down. another major obstacle, congress is scheduled to go on vacation until october after the close of business tomorrow. boehner is hopping mad at the republican defections. >> well, you can, they can vote no. what they're doing is voting to spend more money. because that's exactly what will happen. >> tick tock. that's the clock ticking for the speaker. if there's a government shutdown hirks party will get blame. they will try to ram the same bill down through the house's throat. but senate democrats are holding the line. they say unless the house bill is changed, it is dead on arrival in the senate and it appears tonight, boehner is not
7:21 pm
changing the bill very much at all. joining me now, msnbc political analyst and bloomberg view columnist, jonathan alter. welcome to the show. >> hi, michael. >> is this yogi berra? we look like we're getting into some dangerous territory of repeating what we just saw. >> not quite the same as the debt limit where the consequences were really severe. a possible default in the united states. this is more like the shenanigans we had early in the year. you remember in the 1990s, they had this business. the american public has no tolerance for it. the problem that boehner has, he now has to govern. right now as we speak, they're in the rules committee. they're in the emergency meetings within the republican caucus to try to get their act together. which so far they haven't done. if they don't, even though now they're trying to blame this on some kind of obama scandal by
7:22 pm
pulling in money from the failed solar energy company solyndra. that's the latest gamble. to try distract everybody's attention to a so-called obama scandal. i don't think that's going to work. at the end of the day, or tomorrow, they will be responsible. they have control of the house of representatives. boehner will have to figure out how to make this work or their already low poll ratings will go even lower. >> there are people who said, the democrats haven't had a spine so they look like they're finding a spine. the president is dealing with a serious drum beat here of holding them responsible. is that going to make a difference in terms of how the american people perceive who is responsible here? >> you know, i think the american people's reactions, a pox on both their houses. they are not paying attention to
7:23 pm
the super inside baseball, what's going on on capitol hill. it is hard to see how obama gets much political advantage out of this. but he is also not going to get blamed much as this goes on. it will be seen as kind of business dysfunctional business as usual on capitol hill. but they got important things they need to do between now and the end of the year. this super committee. that's serious business that was set up. if they don't make deep cuts, real savings, then the triggers go up. which are seriously super deep cuts in both defense and medicare that would happen down the road. so they've got that ticking clock is a lot more significant long term than this short-term government shutdown possibility. >> nancy pelosi laid out the groundwork for a compromise. let's take a listen.
7:24 pm
>> it would be my hope that they would split the difference. the republicans would come out and say we won't go as high as you wanted in your motion on the floor to the senate level but we'll go to the 3.5 trillion, excuse me, billion, and we will have no offset. that i think would be a reasonable place to be. i think it is a waste of your time and my time to speculate on the horrors that they could come up. with we know they are endless and we could be here a long time. >> jonathan, look. the president has been beat up on for compromising too much. are the republicans even capable of compromise? >> they obviously came to some kind of a deal to avoid default. they'll come to some kind of a deal on this. what fascinated me about that sound bite that we just saw, nancy pelosi, the democratic leader, former speaker, even she is confusing billions and
7:25 pm
trillions at this point. so she's talking about, the reason she said 3.6 trillion is that that is about the size of the money that the president just said he wants to save and cut, the combination of tax increases and budget cuts over ten years. that is the main show. when we're using a "t" for trillion. we're talking about a mere $3.6 billion which is what's going to on this week. it is kind of chicken feed. >> billions and trillions. the government shuts down, what will happen? >> well, what happens first, people can't go to the washington monument. and then the social security checks start not coming and then everybody starts complaining about vital government services. one of the thing that does happen, people begin to realize all this hate government stuff is really not very relevant to their lives. they depend on government. and in that sense, it won't create a lot of new faith in
7:26 pm
government. all the institutions are discredited. but it does remind people that the government does do important thing for you every day. >> well, look on. this issue in particular, it seems obama has to be a bit teflonish, if you will. won't the republicans be blamed for this? >> i think they probably will be just because if you look at what happened over the summer, there's a sense that it was terrible for obama. what got a lot less press is that the republicans went down into single digits. they were as unpopular on capitol hill as ever. and so this probably will get blamed on them mostly. >> all right. msnbc political analyst jonathan alter, thanks for joining us tonight. bill o'reilly and sean hannity are crying again. they can't stop whining about returning to the tax rates of the clinton years. and the right wing obama derangement syndrome continues over a couple diamond bracelets.
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where's my handkerchief? i'm sorry. more whining from the millionaire right wingers about having to share the sacrifices being made by the middle class. sean hannity is now portraying himself as one of the little guys on the front lines of a phony class war. >> with the next election around the cornering, it looks like the anointed one will stake his
7:31 pm
entire reelection bid on that theme. he's taken the story of rich versus poor, pitting his billionaire friend like warren buffest against the rest of us and he's taken it all across the country. >> my goodness. the obama and the billionaires versus sean hannity and the rest of us. have you got that? and bill o'reilly is back to his strategy of denial. >> there are about 315 million americans, and just 230,000 homes bringing in more than a million bucks a year. so it a ruse. a class warfare illusion. taxing the rich is not going to make much of a difference. >> come on, bill. you've got the only ruse. nice try. if the bush tax cuts for the rich are allowed to expire, the revenue would cut the deficit nearly in half within ten years. i would say that makes a bit of a difference. but o'reilly still says he is unfairly burdened. >> i'm not buying pay my fair share. i paid my fair share for 35 years, mr. president.
7:32 pm
and you and other politicians have squandered my labor. squandered it. so until the feds and the states demand efficiency, and cut the crap, i will oppose targeted tax increases. >> i'm a man. i'll add mit it. maybe i'm wrong but i've got a hard time believing the american people will abandon their overwhelming support on tax on the wealthy because bill o'reilly said he's taxed too much. coming up, this six-ton satellite is coming home sometime tomorrow afternoon. a piece of it has a chance of hitting someone on earth. but next -- did the state of georgia put an innocent man to death? did the case of troy davis change americans' opinion on the death penalty? [ thunder rumbles ] what is the sign of a good decision?
7:33 pm
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7:36 pm
spectacle of what we saw. troy anthony davis was executed by the state of georgia. he was pronounced dead at the 11:08 p.m. eastern time. davis was convicted in the 1989 murder of an offduty police officer named mark macphail. for two decades, davis sat on death row despite questions surrounding his guilt. he maintained his innocence until literally his last breath. >> davis said, i want to talk to the macphail family. he said despite the situation you're in, i did not take your son, father, brother. i want you to dig deep entire this case so you will really see what that. >> my heart goes out to the macphail family. but we have to ask the question, was justice done here? seven out of the nine witnesses recanted testimony against him. and there was never any physical evidence proving that davis pulled the trigger, resulting in a man's death. nevertheless, a rush to judgment
7:37 pm
led to a rush to execution. meanwhile, just hours before davis' execution, another man was put to death in texas. lawrence brewer, a white supremacist, was convicted in the 1998 dragging death of a black man, james byrd, jr. it was one of the most infamous and heinous hate crime of our time. resulting in tougher state and federal legislation. there were no last-minute appeal to spare mr. brewer's life. but one powerful principled objection. it came from james byrd, jr.'s own son. ross byrd sought the kind of mercy his father never got. quote, you can't fight murder with murder. joining me now is michelle alexander, associate professor of law at ohio state university and author of the new jim crow. professor, welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> you've got to ask, how many more deaths have to occur before
7:38 pm
we fix a system or abandon it all together? black people are 10% of the population and yet 50% of the death row population. >> yes, that's right. studies have shown that those who live and these die, when it come to the death penalty, has more to do with the race of the victim than just about anything else. those who kill white people are far more likely to be sentenced to death than those who kill black people. a strong statement about the value that's placed on people's lives, according to race. in the united states. but what i think is most important today is that we pay honor and tribute, not only to troy's family but to the countiless people who raise their voices in protest. who organized and marched. more than a million people wrote letters, signed petitions, held rallies. and while the major civil rights organizations like the naacp and
7:39 pm
amnesty international and the aclu played an important role, what i found most inspiring were the small, spontaneous grassroots efforts that emerged on street corners, inside prisons, churches and faith communities, among student groups. students against mass incarceration at howard university. there was just an unbelievable show of unity. at this tragic moment. and what i hope is that the passion and the in this and momentum that was generated to save troy's life and build a movement to end the death penalty and challenge this system of mass incarceration won't just fade away. it won't be one of these episodic spurts that we've seen in the past, but will actually signal a new phase in the movement to end the death penalty, and that will be able to look back and see troy's
7:40 pm
death as the day when the movement and the death penalty, and the movement to end mass incarceration gained new steam. >> but you know, michelle, of course we don't have enough time tonight. we only have about a minute left. give me a sense here of the relationship between what we just witness asked what you talk about, the new jim crow. the incarceration of african-american and latino people in our prisons. there has to be a relationship that and the relentless assault upon people of color. >> that's absolutely right. the utter indifference the u.s. supreme court showed to the likely innocence of troy davis wasn't some kind of aberration, but rather, a reflection of the fact that our criminal justice system today has shockingly little to do with actual justice. and has far more to do with being a machine that is destroying the lives of people and communities, particularly poor communities of color.
7:41 pm
today, it is legal for the police to stop and search, frisk just about anyone anywhere without a shred of evidence of any criminal activity, as long as they get quote/unquote consent. pros krurts authorized to try to bully people into plea bargains. convicting themselves through confessions, even when they may be innocent by threatening them with mandatory minimum sentences. and the supreme court has made it virtually impossible to challenge racial bias at any stage of the criminal justice process. from stops and searches to plea bargains and sentencing without actual evidence of conscious intentional bias, tantamount to an admission. so nothing short of a major social movement is going to end the death penalty in this discriminatory system of criminal injustice. let's mope the fight to save troy davis' life was just the beginning. >> let's hope so indeed.
7:42 pm
very compelling. michelle alexander, thank you for joining us tonight. next, the deranged right wing media freaks out about michelle obama's borrowed jewelry. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. i know what works differently than many other allergy medications. omnaris. omnaris, to the nose. did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation. side effects may include headache, nose bleed, and sore throat. got allergy symptoms out of my way.
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the michelle obama derangement syndrome is growing strong in the right wing media. the latest manufactured offense centered around the first lady's decision to support an up and coming american jewelry designer. what's wrong with that? by wearing a few of her bracelets to a fund-raiser this week? the diamond bracelets aren't
7:46 pm
cheap. altogether they were valued at around $42,000. but the first lady didn't buy them. they were loaned to her for the evening. a detail the go fox news website conveniently left out of its article which was posted under the headline, get this, first lady rocks $40 k in diamonds on her wrist. the drug reports east wing bling. and their right wing gateway pundit blog. everyone must sacrifice. michelle obama wears $42,000 in bling to dnc fund-raiser. this is nothing new with the right wing media. they don't have a problem with night gingrich's half million-dollar line of credit at tiffany's. mitt romney can quadruple the square footage of his multimillion-dollar beach house. no problem. if michelle obama borrows some jewelry, the knives come out. for more, let meably the msnbc contributor melissa harris-perry. a professor of political science and a columnist with the nation
7:47 pm
magazine. and also wurks dr. james peterson. the director of africana studies at lehigh university. i hope you're not wearing too much jewelry here tonight. why the vicious double standard in the treatment of michelle obama? >> it seems they are gramsing at straws here. we should bear in mind they've had a sort of have angry approach to michelle obama for a very long time. you might remember the new yorker time cover was sort of a manifestation of that. the bottom line is she borrowed the jewelry. is this something we should be talking about right now? i would love to see this attention paid to the good works that michelle obama does, including her efforts to sort of create and cultivate gardens in inner cities and efforts at the white house. her efforts with nutrition and feeding our children in public schools. she's done so many good borks don't get this kind of attention. i wish that we could just once
7:48 pm
in the political sphere, focus on the positive instead of the negative. >> let's look at a catalogue of some of these unjust assaults. the first lady was after the 9/11 ceremony, there was lip reading conspiracy there. the washington times and right wing blogger saying she sarcastically mouthed, all this for a [ bleep ] flag for the president. limbaugh and hannity were all over her trip to spain. they were continuing to attack on the anti-obesity campaign. what in the world do they get out ofvil villifying her? >> first a deep breath. one thing to remember is that what's going to in the right wing blogosphere is not reflected in public opinion of and about the first lady. one of the most stunning aspects of the first lady's position, i think, has been the absolute capacity that she has had to win
7:49 pm
over really a large segment of the american population. she's consistently higher approval ratings than the president he for much of the presidency, which given the history of american race and sexism, and given the realities of very negative stereo types that continue to exist around black women, the very fact that so many americans are able to see through these kinds of negative important trails, and in fact, appreciate and like the first lady, sit an indication of her sort of qualities that seem to shine through all of this very old-fashioned stereotyping. >> yeah. republicans in light of what melissa just said, that she has been able to transcend this kind of negative assault. the irony, of course, james sprks republicans militantly defend rich people against obama's supposed class warfare. shouldn't they love her dripping in diamonds andback potential --
7:50 pm
>> the republicans are folding in on themselves. the sort of the bling illusion here is one of the dog whistle racial comments. melissa is right. her numbers are solid gold. her approval ratings have been consistent throughout. the thing to note is why. she is compassionate, authentic and genuinely concerned that the benefits of the american people. that shows through in everything she does. and this silly story about her borrowing some bracelets to help small business. they talk about wanting to help small businesses. this new designer because of the tang we're giving it, this designer will sell plenty of jewelry and to have hire jewelry makers. >> and i was going to say, i think james' point about her being solid gold is really important here. the republican strategy at this point is to take away all of the things that president obama will need in his reelection campaign. so the tike unions is about making sure there will be no one to drive democratic voters to
7:51 pm
the polls. so they recognize that in fact, the first lady is an asset to the re-election campaign. so part of what's going to here is an attempt to tarnish what is clearly going to be an asset for the obama campaign. and that, i think mr. peterson, professor peterson is exactly right there. that when the language of bling is used, this is meant to indicate a kind of racial consumption and this idea that she is somehow part of a hip hop culture, that we should all be nervous about. but michelle is so much bigger than that. >> no doubt about it. and tarnished her reputation, no, even the diamond she was wearing. god bless her. melissa harris-perry and james peterson. thank you for joining us tonight. this individual quo shows the initial reentry of a six-ton satellite falling back to earth. ♪
7:52 pm
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tomorrow's forecast calls for a chance of raining satellite debris. we will discuss just how often this space trash come back to earth and whether you should take cover. stay tuned. so, how was school today ? i have to be a tree in the school play. good. you like trees. well, i like climbing them, but i've never been one. good point. ( captain ) this is your captain speaking. annie gets to be the princess. oh... but she has to kiss a boy. and he's dressed up like a big green frog ! ewww. ( announcer ) fly without putting your life on pause. be yourself nonstop. american airlines. [ male announcer ] you never know when a moment might turn into something more. and when it does men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use.
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7:56 pm
a 6.5 ton satellite will be falling back to earth sometime tomorrow afternoon. so get ready. nasa's upper atmosphere research satellite was sent up in 1991 to collect measurements of the ozone and other chemicals. now it will be coming home. it will break up as it reenters earth's atmosphere and nasa says 26 pieces will survive reentry. nasa also estimates a 1 in 3,200 chance a piece will hit a person somewhere on earth but only a 1 in 22 trillion chance it will hit you. this is actual video shot by a astronomers of the satellite's initial reentry. so heads up. here it comes. joining me now, the chair of the space history division of the national air and space museum, dr. paul ceruzzi. thank you for joining me here today. >> it's my pleasure to be here. >> thank you, does nasa have any idea where this thing is going to hit? >> well, as the time gets closer, they get a better
7:57 pm
prediction. now they're saying it won't hit north america but they're not absolutely sure. so as tom gets closer and closer, they'll be more precise about that. >> i'm not a mathematician or an astronomer, but why are the possibilities so broad? >> the spacecraft is this irregularly shaped thing. people talk about it like a school bus. it is probably tumbling and it is not coming in smooth or straight. it is hitting the atmosphere at odd angles. nobody is really able to calculate that kind of atmosphere drag that it is experiencing. >> well, look. help us understand this. nasa estimated the odds of some person getting hit and the odds of one particular person getting hit, you know, were significantly different. can you put that into perspective for us? >> well, i guess the best comparison is playing the lottery. you look in the newspaper and somebody wins the lottery. but you don't win the lottery. i don't win the lottery. but somebody wins.
7:58 pm
i guess it may hit somebody. about it won't hit you and it won't hit me. >> this ain't a lotto anybody wants to win for sure. has fallen space junk ever hit anyone before? >> no, it hasn't. there is one case where it did land on something. it landed on someone but it has never happened in the history of the space program. >> very briefly. this satellite is over six tons. how does that rate compare to other space junk? >> it's pretty big. the biggest thing that ever came back was sky lab, uncontrolled. that was a big space station in 1979. that landed harmlessly over most of the indian ocean. and australia. but this is pretty big. it is about as big as anything in recent years that it has come back like this. >> well, is there enough space junk in orbit to create a problem when we finally get around to private orbital spacecraft? >> yes, there is. i'll not worried about this particular thing hitting
7:59 pm
anybody. but i am worried about the pollution of the travel lanes in space because there's a lot of debris up there. uncontrolled. it is very dangerous if you hit it and it is making whole sections of space unusable. i think we need to do something about that soon. >> all right. thank you so much for your time tonight. >> you're very welcome. >> that's the ed show. catch my show on dice's the last word starts right now. breaking news, the fox news republican primary debate in orlando, florida, has just ended. this is a special


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